Cases of the Month from 2003

Many of the neuromuscular cases and special features contain Quicktime movies.
To view these videos you will need QuickTime player installed on your computer.

January 2003 - Extraocular myositis in a 9-month old female (spayed) Golden Retriever.

February 2003 - Muscular dystrophy in a 3-year old male (castrated) Miniature Schnauzer.

March 2003 - Congenital myotonia in a Chow mix dog.

April 2003 - Progressive pelvic limb ataxia in a 5-year old female (spayed) Yorkshire Terrier.

May 2003 - Generalized weakness, inflammatory myopathy, and large B cell lymphoma in a 9-year old female (spayed) Jack Russell Terrier.

June 2003 - Rippling muscles in a 2-year old female (spayed) Jack Russell Terrier.

July 2003 - Acute onset of neuromuscular disease in a Great Dane puppy.

August 2003 - Progressive muscle weakness in a 4-year old female (spayed) Coonhound.

September 2003 - Spinal muscular atrophy: An emerging inherited disorder of Maine Coon Cats.

October 2003 - Juvenile-Onset distal myopathy in young rottweiler dogs.

November 2003 - SPECIAL FEATURE: Safe anesthesia for patients with inherited myopathies- increased anesthetic risk?

December 2003 - Inherited myopathy in a 7-month old male Great Dane.