Cases of the Month from 2008

Many of the neuromuscular cases and special features contain Quicktime movies.
To view these videos you will need QuickTime player installed on your computer.


January 2008 - Rapid onset and recovery from acute necrotizing myopathy in a 4-year old male (castrated) Golden Retriever.

February 2008 - Emerging syndrome in young Beagles

March 2008 - An unusual cause of collapse in an 8-year old male (castrated) German Shorthaired Pointer.

April 2008 - Exciting News!! Genetic testing now available for Exercise-Induced Collapse

May 2008 - Mutation identified that is major risk factor for development of degenerative myelopathy in dogs: DNA test available

June 2008 - Clinically normal 7 month-old male Labrador Retriever with dystrophin
deficient muscular dystrophy

July 2008 - Acquired myasthenia gravis and hypothyroidism in a 5 year old MC mixed breed dog

August 2008 - NEW STUDY! Genetic analysis of dogs with acquired myasthenia gravis

September 2008 - Indications for a urinary organic acid screen

October 2008 - Genetic test now available for malignant hyperthermia in horses

November 2008 - Polyneuropathy in a 10-month-old Pit Bull terrier

December 2008 - Two year old Labrador Retriever with gait abnormality