Cases of the Month from 2010

Many of the neuromuscular cases and special features contain Quicktime movies.
To view these videos you will need QuickTime player installed on your computer.


January 2010 - SPECIAL FEATURE: Most commonly asked questions about masticatory muscle myositis.

February 2010 - SPECIAL FEATURE: Most commonly asked questions about acquired myasthenia gravis

March 2010 - Bilateral calcaneal tendon rupture secondary to acute necrotizing myopathy in a 4-year-old male pointer hunting dog

April 2010 - New genetic test available for early onset inherited polyneuropathy in Leonberger dogs

May 2010 - Startle disease identified in Irish Wolfhound puppies

June 2010 - Jaw pain and unilateral swelling of the temporalis muscle in a 12-year-old Welsh Springer Spaniel

July 2010 - Generalized weakness in a Labrador retriever mimicking myasthenia gravis

August 2010 - Why the serum creatine kinase (CK) activity should not be ignored!

September 2010 - Immune-mediated dermatitis and myositis is a 8-year-old Siberian Husky mix

October 2010 - Relapsing polyneuropathy in an 8 year old MC Domestic Shorthair cat

November 2010 - What is your video diagnosis?

December 2010 - Three autoimmune diseases in an 8 year old female-spayed Labrador retriever mix